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Conversations With... Trevor Moots

Updated: Aug 27

In this series, I interview kick-ass people who are willing to put themselves out there & confess their stories.

Our First Guest: Trevor Moots (@tailorfade)

I first met Trevor in 2017 when we were both working with Paul Mitchell and Hattori Hanzo.

Trevor's knowledge and dedication to the industry is infectious.

I'm super blessed to have gotten to know him and I love being able to watch his career grow!

Hope you guys enjoy learning all of Trevor's confessions as much as I did!

••How do you classify yourself in your industry?

“An influencer who reminds others to not to show off and 'not to try be the best.' But to impact others."

••What companies do you work for?

“Hattori Hanzo & JPMS National Educator, Barbershop owner, Paul Mitchell Learning Leader, Popular Nobody (Brand ambassador)”

••How many years have you devoted to your craft?

“3 years. I was the first person to ever do hair in my family. I started from a clean base with no hand outs so I worked incredibly hard and soon my work was being shared around which really helped get my start."

••What kind of impact do you want to have for those watching your journey unfold?

“To just influence and to remember to have a healthy mind. Also to remember that REAL success is happiness."

••What do you love about your career?

“I love that I can make people happy. Without happiness it's just a simple haircut."

••What inspires/motivates you?

“Positive people and my mentors. My favorite people are students that are hungry and genuine. Also other artist who help people out!"

••Favorite quote?

"Success unshared is failure.” -John Paul DeJoria

••What hobby would you get into if time and money were no object?


••If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?

“Read more books!"

••What is something people don’t know about you that you don’t mind sharing?

“Public speaking is a huge fear of mine but what helps me is that I know there is a greater purpose behind my fear."

A big thank you to Trevor Moots for being apart of this series and confessing a little bit about himself. Follow and support his journey on Instagram

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