Welcome to aTwistedBlade! 

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I'm a California-native currently residing in the Midwest and I'm the CEO and founder of aTwistedBlade. A brand that was created in 2016 which then opened the door to aTwistedBlade studios in 2020. 

 I've spent 12 years in the beauty industry, working with and learning from some of the industry’s most talented influencers and creative professionals.

Falling in love with branding, creating and growing her brand through social media platforms helped ignite my passion and love for supporting other business owners. 

My mission is to work with businesses who not only want to see their business grow but have a hand in that growth.

Today, you can catch me doing hair at my studio, traveling the country,  scrolling through researching marketing trends or teaching social media techniques to peers and clients to grow their business.

Lets talk strategy!